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11 June 2021
FREE AGBIS coffee and catch-up session - East

Our coffee and catch-up sessions will be informal online sessions held via zoom giving all members the opportunity to stay connected with colleagues in their AGBIS region. You will be invited to put forward any questions or topics that you would like to discuss, or find out more about. We will aim to address as many of these as we can through the meeting and help you build and strengthen your networks to make sure you have the support you need.

9 September 2021
BSA/AGBIS Safeguarding highlights for Governors webinar

This joint BSA/AGBIS webinar is aimed at all Governors, especially those with particular responsibility for Safeguarding and/or Boarding.

7 October 2020
Adapting to blended teaching and learning with an eye on the latest assessment technologies

Embrace cloud-based technologies to support a new era of remote, as well as in-school teaching and learning. We will also explore some of the latest developments in the sphere of peer and in-school assessment that can support educational attainment in your school.

7 October 2021
Developing your most important asset – your leadership team

To ensure your school is getting the very best from its leadership team it is vital you know how to ensure they have the sustained energy and enthusiasm to continue to invest in their professional and personal development. Recent pressures mean this investment has, understandably, often been overlooked in favour of more immediate issues, and many more are now at risk of burning out and stepping down early from their roles creating a succession planning issue for governors.

30 November 2021
BSA/AGBIS Foundations for boarding school Governors – how to question and challenge webinar

This webinar will talk delegates through how individual Governors and Governing bodies can provide schools with a robust degree of challenge and offer best practice suggestions for how to develop suitable audit models with school leadership teams.

1 June 2021
Foundations for boarding school Governors: the international market, working with Agents and Guardians

For those staying current with the boarding sector, it will be clear that interest in growth and development, likely involves developing the offering your school can make to international families interested in a British education for their child. With this in mind, this webinar will provide an update on the international market for recruitment and marketing, and also provide best practice suggestions for working with Agents, and Guardians.

9 November 2021
Seminar - New Clerks/Experienced Clerks

After listening to member feedback, this is the first time AGBIS/ISBA have run a seminar for Experienced Clerks. The morning will be for New Clerks and the afternoon will be for Experienced Clerks. There will be a chance for New and Experienced Clerks to network over lunch and to share best practice.

4 November 2020
Improving the efficiency of your IT

Embrace cloud-based technologies, such as Microsoft 365, and Google G-Suite, to not only support educational attainment and collaboration, but also drive significant efficiencies and reduction in the total cost of your IT infrastructure and support.

10 June 2021
Inclusion Labs - Part 3 - 'The How'

Hosted by AGBIS, in association with Temi Akindele Barker (Inclusion Labs), these sessions will walk through some key foundational considerations when implementing a systematic approach to your DEI strategy, regardless of what point you are on your journey.

19 January 2021
Governance Masterclass for Chairs and Vice Chairs - Part 1

Hosted by AGBIS, in association with BDB Pitmans’ Independent Schools legal team, this Masterclass will provide you with a governance toolkit to enable you to get the best out of your Governing Body, and in turn the best out of your School.

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