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27 September 2022
Key strategic issues Governors need to be aware of (seminar)

This seminar in association with Stone King, will look at a legal update, with a specific focus on change in emphasis and further proposed developments in the independent inspection regime, and the changes in safeguarding governance from 1 September under the updated version of Keeping Children Safe in Education. This seminar will also look at the wider emphasis on the safeguarding culture, the expectations around identifying and monitoring trends and look at some of the lessons coming out of recent casework.

19 October 2022
Clerk’s webinar

This webinar led by Cheryl Connelly, Director of Training, AGBIS and John Murphie, COO, ISBA, looks at the seven key principles of the Charity Governance Code and gives Clerks practical guidance on how to apply them.

12 January 2022
Governance – Support and challenge through the lens of RSHE (Webinar)

This joint AGBIS/ISI webinar will look at the KCSIE changes from September 2021 and enable Governors to answer the question: How do we know? Trust but verify regarding the RSHE curriculum. This webinar is being led by Michelle Winter - ISI’s Director of training and quality of assurance.

5 May 2022
SEMINAR - Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance risk

There will be a requirement to formally understand, assess and manage your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks, do you know what to do? How to understand the strategic impact and legal requirements of your ESG risks.

9 September 2021
BSA/AGBIS Safeguarding highlights for Governors webinar

This joint BSA/AGBIS webinar is aimed at all Governors, especially those with particular responsibility for Safeguarding and/or Boarding.

10 November 2022
HMC/AGBIS Heads’ and Governors’ Conference (in-person)

This conference is for Heads and Governors and provides the opportunity to listen to the UK's most experienced professionals with the chance to get involved in discussions and share best practice. The conference theme is ‘Sustainability’, including economic and financial sustainability, as well as a focus on the political context, staffing and the environment.

7 October 2021
Developing your most important asset – your leadership team

To ensure your school is getting the very best from its leadership team it is vital you know how to ensure they have the sustained energy and enthusiasm to continue to invest in their professional and personal development. Recent pressures mean this investment has, understandably, often been overlooked in favour of more immediate issues, and many more are now at risk of burning out and stepping down early from their roles creating a succession planning issue for governors.

30 November 2021
BSA/AGBIS Foundations for boarding school Governors – how to question and challenge

This webinar will talk delegates through how individual Governors and Governing bodies can provide schools with a robust degree of challenge and offer best practice suggestions for how to develop suitable audit models with school leadership teams. Delegates will be able to put questions to the speakers and Chair to raise specific issues or challenges they are facing. Bookings for this webinar are via the BSA

28 March 2022

Richard Harman, Chief Executive and Cheryl Connelly, Director of Training, AGBIS will provide members with the latest updates from the sector.

1 June 2021
Foundations for boarding school Governors: the international market, working with Agents and Guardians

For those staying current with the boarding sector, it will be clear that interest in growth and development, likely involves developing the offering your school can make to international families interested in a British education for their child. With this in mind, this webinar will provide an update on the international market for recruitment and marketing, and also provide best practice suggestions for working with Agents, and Guardians.

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