Being a member of AGBIS brings many benefits including: 

  • Advisory service from expert staff on all aspects of governing schools via telephone, email and the website.
  • Access to training seminars for new and experienced Governors at a reduced rate.
  • Access to webinars on the latest topics at a reduced rate.
  • Free .pdf access to ‘Guidelines for Governors' for Member schools.
  • Support for governing bodies that are in dispute with their Head’s association.
  • Model contracts for Teachers, Heads and Bursars and other standard employment documents.
  • Access to a list of potential new governors.
  • Model documentation for governance.
  • For participating schools, an annual survey of salaries and fringe benefits for Heads and Bursars.
  • An e-Newsletter and regular e-mail updates to keep governors informed on current topics of interest and/or concern.
  • On-site training for governing bodies (for a fee).
  • Reviews of governance (for a fee).
  • Annual conference and AGM attended by representatives of member schools at a reduced rate.
  • Regular AGBIS updates via webinars.
  • Legal and practical advice on new legislation affecting the work and responsibilities of governors.

To find out more about the membership criteria, application process and subscription fees please visit the becoming a member page.