Developing your most important asset – your leadership team

Developing your most important asset – your leadership team

Speaker: Nicky Bright of Bright Lead Ltd

To ensure your school is getting the very best from its leadership team it is vital you know how to ensure they have the sustained energy and enthusiasm to continue to invest in their professional and personal development.  Recent pressures mean this investment has, understandably, often been overlooked in favour of more immediate issues, and many more are now at risk of burning out and stepping down early from their roles creating a succession planning issue for governors. 

This webinar will look at what you can do to ensure you protect your most important asset by developing a culture where the leadership team are supporting and developing themselves despite, or even because of, the current pressures they are facing.

In particular this webinar will look at:

  • managing the emerging risk of a leadership vacuum by sustaining your senior leadership team,
  • how is the school planning for the professional development needs of the school’s most important asset – the senior team?
  • measuring, monitoring and reporting to the Governing Body about those professional development needs,
  • what should be done to ensure a culture where the senior team continue to invest in themselves and ensure they are both performing at the highest level and enjoying the pressures of the job.