Adapting/Surviving/Thriving during difficult times

14 January 2021 10.30am – 12pm Webinar


In association with HCR and Guy Biggin as guest speaker, the webinar will give an overview of the current issues affecting the sector, to include a brief TPS update followed by a choice of three breakout sessions:

  1. Finance and turnaround and strategic opportunities (HCR – Kate Hickey, Partner and Robin Koolhoven, Partner)
  2. Dealing with parental complaints during the pandemic (HCR – Kristine Scott, Partner and Head of Education and Paul Watkins, Associate)
  3. Looking after and managing your staff during the pandemic (HCR – Rachel Parkin, Partner and Oliver Daniels, Senior Associate)

Guy Biggin will conclude the webinar with “Key Financial Indicators for 2021”

Please note that this webinar will have breakout sessions and these will not be included in the recording of the session.

Guy Biggin

Partner,Crowe UK

Oliver Daniels

Senior Associate,Harrison Clark Rickerbys

Kate Hickey

Partner,Harrison Clark Rickerbys

Robin Koolhoven

Partner,Harrison Clark Rickerbys

Rachel Parkin

Partner,Harrison Clark Rickerbys

Kristine Scott

Partner and Head of Education ,Harrison Clark Rickerbys

Paul Watkins

Associate,Harrison Clark Rickerbys