Disciplinary and Grievance Investigations - avoiding common pitfalls and protecting your reputation

23 June 2021 11.30am – 1pm Webinar

Speaker: Jameel Mann (Partner, Knights plc)

An investigation will form the bedrock of any future decision relating to a disciplinary or grievance process. It is therefore fundamental that a well thought through, balanced and thorough investigation is carried out at the earliest opportunity and that governors understand their role, responsibilities and governance issues relating to any decisions made during any process.

This interactive webinar will address some of the common pitfalls that schools make when carrying out an investigatory process including:

  • Steps to consider when safeguarding and / or criminal related matters are being investigated, including liaising with the police and LADO;
  • Planning and conducting an investigation;
  • When suspension is appropriate;
  • Factors a Tribunal will take into account when reviewing the extent of an investigation; and
  • How governors should structure sub-committees before considering any employment related decisions.