AGBIS Risk Management webinar series

10 September – 3 December 2020 Webinar

A programme of risk management webinars has been created to help governors to understand their roles and responsibilities including questions they should be asking. Each module will be hosted by Cheryl Connelly and Sam Coutinho and will comprise 5-minute introduction, 45 minutes of presentations from specialist speakers from the sector and 40 minutes of discussion and debate on how questions can be used practically. Each module will conclude with questions governors should be asking in their schools.

The role and responsibility of governors – 10 Sept

To help governors know what they are required to do and how to do it

  • Principles of risk management
  • Governor responsibilities 
  • Charity Commission guidance
  • Sharing of good practice

The role of governors in managing financial risks - 24 Sept

To help governors understand how the financial risks are managed effectively

  • Key financial risks and the controls required
  • Responsibilities of governors for financial oversight
  • Risk of insolvency
  • Risk of Fraud

Your board culture might be one of your school’s biggest risks – 13 Oct

To help governors create a school culture that ensure risk is managed well

  • What do we mean by culture?
  • Case studies of where not enough questions were asked by boards

The role of governors in managing Insurance and legal risk – 10 Nov

To help governors understand how legal and insurance risks are being managed

  • What insurance does and doesn’t do in risk management
  • Insurance risks
  • Legal risks governors should be focussing on 

Case study – 10 examples of Boards not making decisions and the consequences

The role of governors in identifying and managing external risks – 12 Nov

To help boards to horizon scan and identify external risks that could have a significant impact on the school

  • What have we learnt from Covid 19 about risk management in our schools
  • Tools to identify external risks
  • Analysis of emerging global, national and school risks

The role of governors in managing safeguarding risks – 1 Dec

To help governors to understand their role in safeguarding in the school and knowing the questions to ask

  • Safeguarding risks
  • Questions governors should ask 

Governance – 3 Dec

To help governors address governance risks and how to avoid a failure in governance 

  • Identification of governance risks
  • Tools to support governors