Governance Masterclass for Chairs and Vice Chairs - Part 2

26 January 2021 5pm – 6.30pm Webinar

Hosted by AGBIS, in association with BDB Pitmans’ Independent Schools legal team, this Masterclass will provide you with a governance toolkit to enable you to get the best out of your Governing Body, and in turn the best out of your School.

How do you and your Governors interact with the senior leadership team, in particular the Head? How do you and your Governors use your time?

This session will consider how Chair and Vice-Chairs can set the key relationship between the Governors and the SLT on the right course and navigate the fine line between effective oversight and ‘meddling’ in management. It will also look at how Chairs can best prioritise Governors’ time, with reference to agenda setting and committee structures.

Part 1 will be on Tuesday 19 January and part 3 will be on Tuesday 2 February.

Robin Bacon

Chair, Wycliffe College

Penny Chapman

Head of Education, BDB Pitmans

Richard Harman


Alice Unwin

Senior Associate, BDB Pitmans